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Why is the Tubular Key Important for Locksmiths
When it comes to different types of keys, the so-called tubular key is one that represents a mixture of antique and modern design and thus deserves to have a special article dedicated to its features, lock mechanism and use. This type of keys is not often used, but it has its purpose which is specific. Thus, this article will go into detail explaining and describing the design, the features, the use of it and why it is important for a locksmith to be able to deal with it. Read more...

Locksmithing and the Peculiar Key Types
There are a large number of different locks that you can choose from when you want to install a new one, whether it is about the house door, some inner doors or any other object that a customer wishes to secure. Consequently, there are a large number of different keys that are used to lock and unlock the corresponding locks. Thus, this article will describe two of types of keys that are quite peculiar and these are the so-called ‘do not duplicate’ key and the restricted key. Read more...

The Skeleton Key – a Pleasure for Every Locksmith
One of the types of keys that deserves that a special article be dedicated to it is the so-called skeleton key. Among the many different types of keys that exist, this one stands out not as one of the greatest design and certainly not as one that will provide top security, but as one that is the simplest and the oldest type of the key that is still used today. Thus, as it is one of a unique kind and differs from the rest of key types, this article will present its characteristics in detail. Read more...